The Story

Simon is a disillusioned young artist,  struggling with the anguish of a meaningless life.  His few rebellious friends are all that keep him going.  Their unforgiving world is controlled by the Truthsetters, three harsh rulers whose words all must obey.  Simon hears about the fabled Faerie Rings, strange mushroom circles growing deep in the forest that can open a portal to the Faerie realms.

The Truthsetters forbid anyone from searching out the Faerie Rings, and punish those who would use them.  They believe the Rings have the power to disrupt their carefully controlled world, so they demonize and destroy them wherever they are found.

Simon and his friends know the dangers of being caught, but they’re determined to escape their grim situation and see the Faeries for themselves.  They search for a Faerie Ring far out in the forbidden woods, rumored to be the last in the world.  To uncover their mysteries, they must risk everything and save their bleak world from the Truthsetter’s oppression.


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“Lavishly visual, richly imaginative, and in many ways spellbinding as it unfolds, this script melds the dystopian future vision of iconic books like 1984 or BRAVE NEW WORLD with the alluring escape of films like AVATAR or THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA, immersing its audience in a journey and a world not quite like any other.  The story proves consistently creative, rendering a cinematic experience that feels both enjoyable and thought-provoking beyond its final pages. The richness of the world in this script is as impressive and inspiring as it is immersive. With a unique, singular vision, and an inspired sense of originality in its premise and setup, this script plants its flag in a genre that comes ready-made with a built-in fan base. As a luminous adventure with a sense of heart and something to say, it harbors the potential promise to land a cinematic blockbuster.” – The Black List screenplay review

“A mighty, moving story that packs enough of an emotional punch to stay with us long after the final page. The writer has created a world we don’t want to leave, one rich with messages, metaphors, and magic. The writing style is lean, fast-paced, and filled with visceral and unique descriptions that transport us deeply into the story, with unexpected and surprising plot twists and turns that keep us on the edges of our seats. There are numerous highlights to this script, but the most important one is the message, which could not be more relevant or timely. We are living in desperate and challenging times the world over right now, dominated by rules, restrictions, and limitations on our personal freedoms, and the story resonates powerfully as all can relate to and connect with the deeper messages in The Faerie Rings. As the writer takes us on a journey through the darkness of a life without freedom, of light, color, and creative expression, as characters face terror and fear, but still fight on, hearts full of belief in magic, even when we can’t see it, the belief pays off and the reward is stepping into a world of light and hope. Given all of the above, there’s huge potential for the script.” – Bulletproof Script Coverage (Recommended Script)

“A highly engaging screenplay with an original fresh story!  The idea of THE FAERIE RINGS is truly compelling.  It is not often that one reads a screenplay that manages to create a ‘new world’ within a story –the decaying modern world vs. the forest realm – that captivates a reader without feeling like the entire set-up is lifted from another book or movie.  World-changing projects that have broken new ground include the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy, the CHRONICLES OF NARNIA books, along with Lucas’s STAR WARS universe.  All these inspirations work well within the script, helping to define its potential place in the legacy of great fantasy stories. The ‘new world’ established in THE FAERIE RINGS is striking and intriguing. It follows in the footsteps of the Master Storytellers, though giving the story its own twists and treats.  THE FAERIE RINGS has big potential to become a successful movie franchise!” – Industrial Scripts review

The Faerie Rings is a great blend of strong world-building, interesting characters and relatable personal journeys, relevant themes, and heart. It is extremely vivid, entertaining, and page-turning. In only 116 pages, it captures an entire universe that’s bursting with story. There’s dark and grit, paired with bright, magical surrealism. The concept is very strong and very unique. This story is very marketable in the current film and TV space. Thematically, it touches on many relevant and relatable topics of today. It is a story that needs to be told.” – The Script Lab screenplay review

The Faerie Rings, an epic fantasy adventure that follows a group of friends intent on saving their dystopian town by exposing the truth about faeries, is an ambitious, original, and exciting script with great potential to grow into a franchise. The concept is unique and unlike one seen before.” – Slated screenplay review – (Recommended Script – 76 Script Score)

The Faerie Rings is refreshingly novel on a plot level, just as much as it is on a concept level. The central plot of the film is exceptionally daunting, and the pacing of the script is just brilliant. It reads like a proper edge-of-your-seat thriller. The marriage between the real, the surreal, and the fantastical is brilliant. It has the potential to entice the mainstream studios as well as the streaming platforms.” – WeScreenplay review