The Concept

Simon is a bright, shy young man with a natural curiosity. He hears about the fabled Faerie Rings, magical circles of mushrooms growing deep in nature that can open a portal to the Faerie realms. Simon’s world is controlled by the Truthsetters, three powerful rulers whose words all must obey. The Truthsetters forbid anyone from searching out the Faerie Rings, and punish those who would use them. They believe the Rings have the power to disrupt their carefully controlled world, so they demonize and destroy them wherever they are found.

Simon knows the dangers of being caught, but he wants to see the Faerie realms for himself. He searches for a Faerie Ring far out in the forbidden woods, rumored to be the last in the world. The Truthsetters’ minions are on the march to exterminate every remaining Ring. Simon must risk everything to discover the Faeries and the mysteries of their hidden realm before it is too late.


Currently seeking financial patrons, sponsors, and additional partnerships.

Full script available to read by request
Total Film Length

20 minutes

Tentative Shoot Date

Summer 2019

Expected Post Production

2-3 months

After completion, The Faerie Rings will be submitted to the world’s top film festivals. Following our festival run, the film will be available to watch online to reach as wide an audience as possible.

We, the filmmakers, are passionate about the need for art that explores the incredible potential of plant medicines and society’s misunderstanding of them.